AI Universe’s Dramatic Shift: A Weekend Recap

Richard Titus
5 min readNov 20, 2023


The AI landscape is rapidly evolving, influenced by computing power, talent, and financial dynamics. OpenAI has lost its lead, Google has surged ahead, Microsoft has become a dark horse, and smaller players like Anthro see new opportunities. A wave of recruitment in AI is imminent, fueled by devalued shares, massive spigots of capital and seismic shifts in the talent and compute power world. A week ago, OpenAI was the clear leader in the industry, with Google as a distant #2 and a field of irrelevant fast followers Today, Google is #1, and Microsoft #2, and OpenAI has a question mark next to its future. Opportunities for success have expanded 10x. This period marks a transformational moment for AI, with significant ethical and moral implications to consider.

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The AI world has experienced a seismic shift. I’ve been actively discussing this on social media over the weekend, and here’s a brief rundown for those who might have missed the news:

Quick Recap:

- Thursday Night: Greg Brockman was removed from his position as board chairman at OpenAI.

- Friday Morning: Sam Altman was dismissed as CEO; Mira, the CTO, steps in as interim CEO.

- Over the Weekend: A significant upheaval as 500 of 700 employees, poised to sell their shares in a secondary market valued at $90B, demand the reinstatement of Sam & Greg. Intriguingly, Mira and Ilya, alleged instigators of these changes, also signed the petition.

- Sam’s Weekend Negotiations: Sam Altman spent the weekend negotiating a possible return. Satya, CEO of Microsoft was trying to help.

- Microsoft’s Move: On Monday morning, Microsoft announced the hiring Sam & Greg to lead a new AI business venture.

The Big Picture: What Does This Mean?

The Future of AI/LLMs: Compute Power, Talent, & Money

- OpenAI’s Shift: OpenAI, under new CEO Emmett Shear (of Twitch and Justin TV fame), faces significant challenges and may struggle to maintain its leading role in the AI industry. They have substantial technological debt as every first mover does, and the half-life on that code with the…



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