AI Universe’s Dramatic Shift: A Weekend Recap

Richard Titus
5 min readNov 20, 2023


The AI landscape is rapidly evolving, influenced by computing power, talent, and financial dynamics. OpenAI has lost its lead, Google has surged ahead, Microsoft has become a dark horse, and smaller players like Anthro see new opportunities. A wave of recruitment in AI is imminent, fueled by devalued shares, massive spigots of capital and seismic shifts in the talent and compute power world. A week ago, OpenAI was the clear leader in the industry, with Google as a distant #2 and a field of irrelevant fast followers Today, Google is #1, and Microsoft #2, and OpenAI has a question mark next to its future. Opportunities for success have expanded 10x. This period marks a transformational moment for AI, with significant ethical and moral implications to consider.

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The AI world has experienced a seismic shift. I’ve been actively discussing this on social media over the weekend, and here’s a brief rundown for those who might have missed the news:

Quick Recap:

- Thursday Night: Greg Brockman was removed from his position as board chairman at OpenAI.

- Friday Morning: Sam Altman was dismissed as CEO; Mira, the CTO, steps in as interim CEO.



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