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Richard Titus
9 min readJan 28, 2021
Del Mar Fair — happier days

Over the past 90 days, I’ve experienced shock, awe, amusement, and fascination with the unimaginable events of our living history. I haven’t thought this hard or deeply in such a short period of time, we’ve seen a group of people on the losing side of an election, egged on by their candidate, storm the capital, and threaten the lives and safety of our sitting government representatives. Aided by and inclusive of, members of law enforcement. Having lived & traveled in emerging markets, war zones, and places where civic and social unrest was in play, I never thought I would see this on US soil much less play out on national television.

chaotic evil: take the capitol

chaotic good: take the capital

Simultaneously, as our representatives argue about just how serious the insurrection was and who is to blame, a separate insurrection was taking place. I first learned of the GME activities over the weekend from folks in the blockchain circles who found it amusing. Saw kindred spirits in the RobinHood WSB Reddit crowd to their own. The democratization of investment, transparency. Fairness. Yes, I bought some. Sold it yesterday so I could write this blog. Think about that. That’s crazy that I viewed it as too risky to hold the stock while I blogged about the insurgency around it. I spent my holidays playing Assasin’s Creed & COD with my daughters. I made videogames in the ’80s. They are my peeps. I was happy to donate $ to the cause, as well as support a small (what I thought would be mild) insurgency.

GME seemed from the outside, like a classic pump & dump — a criminal act I wanted nothing to do with. But, similar to Chamath, I decided to go and “see for myself” what this was all about. I joined the WSB Reddit. Began reading the threads, messages, and chatter. There was some decent analysis, a lot of smart assessment on the short seller side.

The GME trade was a market move. Just like those made by funds & traders every day. There was also a lot of silly, juvenile, sexist nonsense. Likely even some bad behavior -though the moderation was pretty solid.



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