Going out on top… my departure from Samsung Electronics

CES Design award-winning TV
  • Took home the CES design award for “Lifestyle TV”: Working with the amazingly talented Yves Behar, who I count as a friend. We created and helped realize what I think maybe a truly impressive 3.0 to the TV experience platform.
  • Family Hub 2: we delivered a massive improvement in this 2.0 product and set the table for Samsung to lead the way on “Family-focused IoT” — a phrase I coined. Building on the vision of 1.0, we worked to make the product more useful, and relevant to the families and households who clamored for this centerpiece of the digital home.
  • Leading the introduction of the LUMI design language — a set of consistent design & interaction patterns across Samsung’s VD product portfolio. (Those who are following at home will notice this mirrors the work I led at the BBC around the Global Visual Language; much of it still in place today hopefully this will be the case at Samsung.)
  • Recruited from Sony electronics, the profoundly talented Ana Arriola-Samsung’s first transgender Senior Executive hire and one of the world’s leaders in UX, product & experience design from Sony to lead the US UX team. Ana has been a friend for close to 25 years.
  • Built the first US-based product planning organization hiring both Chris Wimmer and Arun Bordoloi who I knew from Razorfish) and other designers, producers, and developers to join the already exceedingly talented teams in the USA & South Korea.
  • Massively reduced involuntary staff resignations and worked to build a solid leadership team with a clear, mission, vision & mandate.
TESLA S90D Chrome Delete by SDwraps



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Richard Titus

Richard Titus

CEO, Yogi, Serial entrepreneur, raconteur, coach, advisor and sometime filmmaker.