More on the continuing art of The Double Opt-in Intro

As I’ve blogged previously, I have almost ~65k contacts spread across contacts+, apple, five google accounts, and some cell phones and tablets. Given I know, at last count: 65k+ people across Venture Capital, startup, blockchain, AI/ML, FinTech, Space, Advertising, journalism (or just media in general), gaming, entertainment, burning man, ladies I’ve, um, dated, people I’ve dined with, or chatted up, I met on layovers or heliskiing; I have become a person that others regularly ask to make introductions.

@Auren ‘s napkin diagram of “How to do it”
@Auren ‘s napkin diagram of “How to do it”
  • The platform supports HTML linking, which makes it easy to share supporting information
  • Most people desire to get DOI-Intros in email. (however — I may use a different platform at the “Tobeintroduced” request or previously stated desire — but it also is the way I track the intro. More on that later.)
  • It’s easy to trace using Hubspot or other CRM tools, so I know I did it or if the email was read, and I can remind the target or follow up if there is no response.
  • How we are acquainted (Requestor and myself)
  • Linkedin (see above) link saying this twice as it’s mandatory unless it’s a date, then Facebook or Instagram is ok).
  • What the Ask is — MOST IMPORTANT
  • i.e., just want to expand my LinkedIn network = no intro.
  • I see many Robotics deals in my pipeline It is not my sector, and I currently have no one to send them to = intro is assured, assuming they agree.
  • Supporting documents if appropriate (if you want a pitch meeting, a deck, if it is a sales call, a one-sheet or website, and for a date — a recent photo, etc., etc.)
  • A one-sentence reason you think this will valuable to both of you


Hi Titus,

It has been so long since we met at the Crypto conference in Puerto Rico. I’ve since moved on to a new sector — I bought Freebird Vineyards, and my new wine business is doing fantastic (230% CAG, 50% margins), and I would love to meet your friend Jeff both as an investor but also give him a case of wine as I know he’s a fan! Here’s my LinkedIn, a PDF brochure & a press article about us for more info. Also, while I know you don’t drink — I’m happy to send your girlfriend a bottle since I see it’s your anniversary! Just send me your address.

Let me know if you or he have any further questions.


Chris WineDude

Once I review and agree — I then forward the DOI-Intro to the “Tobeintroduced” on their preferred platform, which may or may not be Email, but most likely, it is. They will read it — at their leisure (often this can take a week or even two, sometimes it’s faster) but I leave them alone I’ve tracked the email I know when I sent it, and I’m aware of how long it has been since they replied/haven’t replied. If it is urgent, tell me, that’s important info to have (particularly the deadline. I.e., our round is closing next week,) but it lowers the probability of acceptance.


[Me:] Hi Jeff — my friend Chris who I know from Crypto — used his winnings to build a new vineyard & wine business ( with solid metrics (230% CAG, 50% margins, and three awards this year.) He’d like to meet and send you some wine — ok to introduce?

[Jeff:] OK, looks great; that’s a pretty prestigious award, but I’m not investing right now.

[Me:] Whatsapp, ok? Or do you have an email you prefer?

[Jeff:] Whatsapp ok!

[Me:] (Message to Chris: )Hey Chris, Jeff is fine with the introduction — but FYI, he’s not investing right now. Still interested? If affirmative, Then I set up a group Whatsapp:

Hi guys — as discussed, Jeff meet Chris, an aspiring Wine entrepreneur, an ex Crypto Expert, and a lovely guy. I’ve checked with each of you, and you’ve agreed to be introduced. Note I’ve told Chris you aren’t investing in spirits right now, but he still was interested in meeting, and Chris — Jeff has now seen the materials you sent me last week! Meet & Greet!

Jeff & Chris: Thanks, let’s take this offline. Thanks, Titus!

Sometimes they don’t reply after some number of days. My CRM reminds me, and I check-in. Sometimes I might escalate to a messaging platform. For example, “Hey, I sent an email about introducing you to Chris, were you not interested? Or did you not see it”. On almost 99.99% of occasions, that gets a reply. Since I don’t make these requests unnecessarily and I vette the people/requests quite a bit — my response rate is generally higher than average.

“Hey, not looking for dates right now. I’m not over my ex” Or “We just finished a procurement for that sector and aren’t going to revisit for 2–3 years.”

After confirming it’s ok to share this answer and feedback with the Requestor, I do so. Otherwise, I say it was a pass.

“Yes, oh my God, he’s cute! Intro us now!” Or “Wow, that looks cool — let’s do a call”.

Those are easy

CEO, Yogi, Serial entrepreneur, raconteur, coach, advisor and sometime filmmaker.

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