Sometimes you are right, Just early.

Richard Titus
2 min readMar 1, 2022
Samsung Frame TV + photographs

A part of my story that doesn’t get much attention is the intersection between ART & Technology, overwhelmed as it is by my time building the Internet (Razorfish, Schematic) and Video online (BBC, iPlayer, Schematic, Videoplaza, etc.) But a hardware project I was intimately involved in early in its inception was Samsung’s Frame TV.

While my tenure at Samsung was cut short, our vision for Frame included building an “Itunes for ART & VISUALS” taking the “in-home experience and Art curation & collection to the next level. I was honored to collaborate with Yves Behar and my fantastic team at Samsung, and every time I see the product in the store or on my walls ( I still have three of them on the walls of my home today) — it’s one of my favorite projects I’ve ever led.

At that time, Visual Art was the last unexplored area of digital media, except for the e-commerce and auction landscape and some fascinating early leaders like my friend Carter at ARTSY.

Bill Gates Home & digital frames

I remember hearing from Paul Allen about Bill Gate’s new house (yes, he was flexing for me) and the digital screens that displayed your favorite art when you wandered through it. I never saw this, but the idea was fascinating to me — if a bit against my views as a collector and archivist.

I own a few NFT’s I don’t display them, as to do so, would violate my cybersecurity protocols. I also fear it will increase my already extensive profile in Crypto & Art collecting — but I’m as bullish on these new ecosystems as I’ve always been about Art & Photography. Side note, I own a pretty significant collection of Rock & Roll Photography, including a few Jim Marshall’s.

If only we could have foreseen what’s happening in the NFT space, the rise of digital art, and the ecosystems to support this. Thinking back on the early ecosystems of flash and web-based ART I do believe we are at the beginning of something fundamental. Complete with all of the flim-flam, these revolutionary moments and ideas attract. However, this article — and the array of companies marrying the vision of Frame with the future of NFT’s warmed my heart. Sometimes you are early, but it’s nice to know we were right.



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